Saturday, September 9, 2017

2017 RSC September Orange Week 2 Wilkes Quilters Annual Quilt Show

This weekend was our Quilt Guild's Annual Quilt Show. I entered three RSC finished quilts. Two of my quilts won ribbons. The quilting judge gave my Wonky Stars a ribbon for Best Use of Color. Quilt show viewers gave it an Honorable Mention. Double Yah!

Love this colorful wonky star quilt.

Quilt show viewers gave my Happy Scrappy "Occupied" House Quilt a Third Place Ribbon. Yah!

I made sure every house was occupied. My youngest son wants this quilt.

My colorful Boxy Stars didn't win a ribbon, but got a lot of attention from viewers.

Sixteen guild members made Fidget Quilts for this year's challenge. I entered the little quilt pictured above.
It was a good quilt show. Lots of beautiful quilts. Though it was a beautiful day, attendance was down a little from last year. Regretfully, I didn't take more pictures. I was helping at the tables and thought I'd have time to take some pictures before the show was dismantled. Sorry to say, that didn't happen.

To see what Rainbow Scrap Challenge made with their orange scraps, go here.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

2017 RSC September Orange Week 1, Purple String Quilt Finish

September is RSC Orange. Love Orange! Pictured is an orange crayon block, two 36-patch blocks, three 16-patch blocks, seven string blocks and a super scrappy pot holder.
To see what others made with orange, go here.

I finished another string blocks quilt. This one has 2" purple centers and 1.5" colorful strings. Lots of novelties in this one. It will go to a family member. After a go in the washer and dryer it finished at about 55" x 75". I love this quilt.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

2017 RSC August Neutrals Week 4 and Pincushions

This has been a very busy month with company sleeping in the sewing room. Lots of good times but no time to sew. As soon as they left I pulled some neutrals and played catch up.
Pictured is a crayon block, two 36-patch blocks, seven string blocks and seven 16-patch blocks. Two supper scrappy pot holders made it into the picture. I have a plastic tub of very small scraps and skinny string strips. If it wasn't for sewing them onto strips of paper and making super scrappy pot holders, the tub would be overflowing. To see what others made with neutral scraps go here.

I enjoy sewing these little pincushions using this Fat Quarter Shop YouTube video clip. I gave a couple away to sewing buddies and the other four were donated to our annual quilt show boutique fundraiser.

Please remember to keep the people suffering in Texas and the Gulf area from Hurricane Harvey in your thoughts and prayers.

Friday, July 14, 2017

2017 RSC July Blue Week 3 Blocks and Green String Quilt Finish

I love this Rainbow Scrap Challenge and I LOVE the month we play with blue. Pictured are three scrappy 16-patch blue blocks, seven blue string blocks, two 36-patch blocks, a blue crayon block, a donation doll quilt and seven supper scrappy pot holders. To see what others made this month go here Saturday morning.
I've started a colorful string block quilt with dark purple centers. Twenty four blocks made it into the picture. String blocks are fun to make. Mindless sewing.

I finished a scrappy string block quilt with dark green centers. I used 7.5" squares cut from phone book pages for their foundation.

Here is a picture of the backing. It's quilted with a loose free motion meander. After a go in the washer and dryer it finished at 55" x 75". I love this quilt.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

2017 RSC June Yellow Week 2, Pot Holders, String Quilt Finish

Yellow is a good color for June. It's been a cool spring, but today is hot. Good garden growing weather.
Pictured are some scrappy yellow 36-patch blocks, some 16-patch blocks, some string blocks and a yellow crayon block. Last week I started making some Bonnie Hunter Crayon Quilt Blocks. Pictured is a small stack of 10. A good start. The free pattern is on her Quiltville website under the free patterns tab. Some colorful pot holders made it into the picture. Potholders on the left will be donated. I may keep the colorful supper scrappy hot holder.
To see what other made this week go here.

I finished my string blocks quilt. The centers are 2" blue strings. 1.5" strings are sewed on either side. The foundation for all the blocks are 7.25" pages torn from a phonebook. I didn't sew a border on it and I'm pleased with how it turned out. It's quilted with a free motion meander. After a go in the washer and dryer, it finished at 55" x 75". I love string block quilts and I look forward to making more this year.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

2017 RSC May Green Week 2, String Blocks and a Doll Quilt

I have lots of green scraps and stash. Pictured are two 36-patch blocks, seven green string blocks, a green crayon block and a super scrappy pot holder. I have lots of 16-patch green blocks from 2016 RSC. To see what others made with green scraps go here.
Also pictured are colorful string blocks, the beginning of a string block quilt. 2" blue strings are the centers and 1.5" colorful scrappy strings finish the blocks. 7.5" squares cut from a phone book are their foundations. I'll keep making colorful string blocks until I see what a 8x10 block layout looks like .... Mindless sewing. This is fun.

Here is a little doll quilt made with nine 6.5" blocks using red 2.5" centers surrounded with 1.5" wide strings.

Friday, April 28, 2017

2017 RSC Week 5 All Colors, Dancing Nines Quilt Finish, Doll Quilt Finish

I have enjoyed this RSC month. Pictured is a pot holder made with 1.5" HSTs taken from the orphan block box. Also a donation doll quilt made from 2.5" HSTs from that same orphan block box. I've made a dent in the orphan box this month. Also pictured are six colorful 16 patch blocks to add to my RSC collection.
To see what others made with their colorful scraps, go here Saturday morning.

Happily I've finished another UFO started last year! It's a Dancing Nines Quilt using a Bonnie Hunter pattern from her website under the Free Patterns tab. I used 2.5" squares from my tub of 2.5" squares cut from scraps. Sashing is 2" wide. I omitted the piano keyboard boarder. It's quilted with a large free motion meander and finished at 49" x 65". I'll donate it during our guild's May meeting. Many novelty prints in this fun quilt. Perfect finish for this month's Rainbow Scrap Challenge.
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